Owa yurika Sustainable Kids Clothing Creative Care
owayurika creative care

Creative care

What buds now will blossom later. Showing our children how to live mindfully means slowing down, making time together, and connecting with the world outside. We exist to inspire conscious care and an enduring sense of play in the people who create the future. 
owayurika sustainable Clothing
owayurika green shoots

Green shoots

Our ethos is grounded in nature. We have one planet, and it is the world our children will inherit and inhabit. As parents, we are only too aware that no resources are infinite, and so we use natural materials and transparent processes wherever possible. Our garments respect the earth, and they are made to keep. Learn more
Owa yurika Sustainable Kids Clothing Creative Care
owayurika freeform expression

Freeform expression

Styling is elevated play. We design clothing which combines a deep attention to detail with the spirit of dressing-up: self-expression, curiosity, and joy.
Qwa Yurika Sustainable Kids Clothing Root
owayurika connected at the root

Connected at the root

Our Japanese cultural heritage informs everything we do – we reserve our highest standards for the things we use every day. All children have an appreciation of form and a love of ceremony. These roots make connections across our global community. 

Our ethos is grounded in nature

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